It is the mission of GMC to provide quality healthcare through prevention, education and treatment, both in the hospital and community, including services and special programs for persons with behavioral medical conditions.

Girard Medical Center offers a variety of behavioral services.

We offer these services in a manner that is client centered, culturally sensitive, and responsive to client and community needs.

St. Joseph's Detoxification & Rehabilitation Unit: Located on the 5th floor of the acute care hospital at 16th and Girard Ave.  The 16-bed detoxification unit and the 19-bed rehabilitation unit provide short term detoxification and residential rehabilitation on a medically managed hospital unit. The unit is staff includes  24 hours/ 7 days per week with nursing staff (primarily addiction certified nurses),three addiction counselors, addiction recovery assistants, a Certified Nurse practitioner and an attending physician provide 7 day a week coverage, conducting rounds on a daily basis.

Miracles in Progress I: Located on the 4th floor of the ADC building at 8th and Girard, Miracles in Progress provides long and short term residential care to consumers with co-occurring chemical dependency and mental illness.  The unit focuses on helping the consumer understand the interplay between their chemical dependency and mental illness. 

Miracles in Progress II- A 16 bed program for dually diagnosed, chronically homeless men located on Tower 4 opened in December 2007.  Implemented on the recovery management model the program focuses on issues identified by the consumer as important in maintaining long term recovery.  Community reintegration is an integral part of the programming as such consumers are encouraged to participate in local activities social, cultural and spiritual.  Staff members act as partners in the recovery journey rather than leaders.

RTFA- Residential Treatment Facility for Adults:  Located on Tower 11 at 8th & Girard Ave. the RTFA provides residential treatment for consumers with chronic and pervasive mental illness and co-occurring substance abuse or dependency. 

The Return Program I & II: Located on the 7th and 9th floor of the Tower building at 8th and Girard the Return Program I provides a short and long term residential rehabilitation unit for male consumers with a history of addiction. Return II: Is a short and long term (3C) program for men and women who receive methadone as part of their recovery program. 

Torre De La Raza: Torre Del La Raza provides short and long term treatment to male Latino consumers who are monolingual or bilingual who present with addiction disorders.  The unit places an emphasis on providing a culturally appropriate therapeutic environment for consumers who have in the past faced language and cultural barriers when seeking treatment.